Advanced workforce management tools you can afford Measure. Analyze. Improve. Control.

Schedulist is the scheduling application that Nurses actually like Are you spending too much time managing schedules, vacations, and overtime? Upgrade to Schedulist so that you can collaborate more effectively with your nurses.

Quantify helps you benchmark and improve staff productivity Are you still wondering how much it costs you to take care of patients? Use Quantify to establish goals and accountability for detailed cost-control.

TimeSentry ensures you’re paying your people correctly Are you still struggling with an outdated time and attendance process? Eliminate errors and rework with TimeSentry.

What motivates us?
The Future Is LeanHappier People Work Better
Efficient collaboration is a cornerstone of our healthcare system’s future. We spend every work day on ways to help healthcare workers and their employers reach the right decisions about staffing levels, labor cost, and productivity.People who feel valued and involved will go the extra mile for their colleagues and their customers. When the customer is a patient, that means better outcomes.
Software should be easyThe Sum Is Greater
Healthcare is complex enough. We've worked hard to make our software easy and intuitive but we know that you'll have great ideas about how to make it better. We're in business to improve every day.When healthcare workers connect and collaborate, they achieve their goals and build morale. It means that they're more effective for patients and that means better healthcare.
Creating AccountabilityThis Is The Bottom Line
Healthcare reform demands both cost and quality control. Our method helps you deliver on both, intelligently. We know that we have to deliver great value for our services and that drives us to provide a better solution every day.